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Bands with stuff on Dark Beloved Cloud, and where to find out more about them...

Family Fodder: A pretty great fan page from France, in English.
and this version's even in English! There's also an unofficial MySpace page for the band, and an official MySpace page for Alig Fodder

Fly Ashtray has a page of their own

Sebadoh has their very own page, although their only dbc release is now out of print

God Is My Co-Pilot: The Runway, put together by Allen Hise

Caroline Kraabel, solo performer and force behind the Honkies, the Shock Exchange and the Mass Producers, has a suitably unusual page

Spaceheads: Everything you want to know about this unbelievable trumpet/percussion/electronics duo

Azalia Snail: A comprehensive page for the inimitable Snail

The In Out: They've got a MySpace too

Ida: Their placeholder site has more content than most real sites

Barbara Manning: She's got a site of her own

Franklin Bruno: He's got an excellent blog

VPN: The former Very Pleasant Neighbor's home page

The Magick Heads: Bio from the Flying Nun site

Chris Knox: Another bio from the Flying Nun site

The Clean: Yet another Flying Nun bio

Airlines: Only ever released one track on DBC, but it was really good--so are their other records

The Hattifatteners: No comment

You can acquire records by these artists on the main page. Yes, this is also a deliberate trick to make you look at the catalogue.



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